Rocket Spleef

Rocket Spleef

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Run, jump, fly, explode! Everyone has an Elytra, Rocket Launcher and one life. Blast around the map without falling into the void to win. Last player standing / highest player, takes the prize.

ℹ Overview

Rocket Spleef is a game is made up of 8 to 16 players, each with an Elytra and Rocket Launcher.

Players fight in 3-minute rounds to be the last player standing! Experience is granted based on your placement at the end of the round.

Players start above the map and are dropped in when a round begins. You are eliminated if you fall below the map - keep on the platforms to stay in the game!

🚀 Rocket Launcher

Your tool in the game is the Rocket Launcher. It can hold up to 3 rockets at once, which automatically reload over time when you stop firing. Rockets reload faster when you are on the ground, but still reload when in air.

Launched rockets travel extremely fast in the direction you fire and explode on impact! These explosions can be used to destroy the map, knock other players away, or boost yourself while flying.

There is a very short cooldown between each rocket fire, so you can’t spam all three at once!

The current status of your Rocket Launcher is shown at the bottom of the screen, just above your hotbar. You can see your rocket count and reload status.

Rocket Launcher HUD

Your rocket fire cooldown is displayed over the Rocket Launcher item in your inventory.

🦠 Mutators

A Rocket Spleef round can mutate! A Mutator has an effect on the rhythm of the game, changing how you play. Mutators may be destructive, fun or even helpful!

The first mutation happens 30 seconds after the game starts, and there is the same cooldown at the end of each mutation.

Meteor Strike Mutator

TNT is falling from the sky and exploding on impact. These behave the same way as rocket explosions, so dodge them or use them to your advantage!

Meteor Strike Mutator

Quick Fire Mutator

Your rocket count is reset to 10! There is no cooldown on your additional rockets, so fire as fast as you can to your advantage! The mutator ends after 10 seconds or when everyone uses their extra rockets, at which your rockets are reset to normal.

‼️ Last Stand

At the 45 second mark, or when there are only 2 players left, the game will enter the Last Stand.

The cooldown between mutators is removed, causing chaos in an attempt to eliminate the last players!