What's Going On? #2

What's Going On? #2

We’ve been doing a lot since the last post! We have a couple of big features to showcase here.

🫂 Friends & Ignoring GUIs

The friends system isn’t too useful in Brawls at the moment. It’s a list of players each player has that just sort of sits there. Let’s change that!

In the next update, we will be introducing the friends GUI! This is one of the many interfaces on their way to Brawls. This GUI allows you to view and manage your friends list, showing player profiles and clickable options to party up members.

We’ve also revamped the ignoring system with this part of the update, which is now integrated better into the chat system. You will get better and more relevant feedback if you cannot message someone. You can now view your ignored players through a GUI also, through the ignore command or as a sub-menu of the friends GUI.

Here’s a video showcase of what we just described:

🏗️ Game Builder

Introducing the Game Builder, coming to MC Brawls!

The MC Brawls Game Builder is the perfect tool for event-runners! You will be able to build custom game instances, with settings for each game type and the ability to pull in parties and set teams. The Game Builder will be available for all game types.

What does this mean for Dodgebolt events?

The regular Dodgebolt event will be removed, replaced by the game builder. Settings for Dodgebolt will include:

  • Custom teams (replace the default red/blue teams, with custom event teams available to partners)
  • Custom team members (fill a team based on a party, or set the team yourself)
  • Dramatic introduction (fancy music!)
  • Spectator invitations
  • General Dodgebolt game settings (decay time, arrow count, etc.)

Who can use Game Builder?

This feature will be available to members of the partner programme, and through a package on the webstore. Details of how that package will work are not confirmed yet.

🤝 Partners

The partnership application has been closed until further notice.

This is to rethink and re-evaluate the partnership system to improve it. Partnership eligibility will be a lot more strict upon its return, but the benefits of being a partner will grow (like you’ve seen above!).

If you currently have a partner application open, it will be reviewed. Don’t worry!

🚀 Rocket Spleef

With the recent announcement of MCC: Island’s latest new game, don’t worry!

Brawls Rocket Spleef is still on its way and have its own personality for your Brawling pleasure!

(MCC: Island News Article)

🗣️ Discord

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Happy Brawling! ⚔️

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