What's Going On? #1

What's Going On? #1

So, what’s going on with Brawls right now?
~ Everyone, ever

The next major update for Brawls is currently in development! That might be a bit of an earsore if you’ve been paying attention to our Discord server for a while now. However, the wait is definitely worth it and so much is planned for the future. Let’s check it out!

🎉 The Exciting Stuff!

Games, features, places! Such new content. Such fun!

🚀 Rocket Spleef

In development for a while now is Rocket Spleef! At the time of writing, the game is practically finished. We’re just working on all of the Brawls systems around games and linking them in…

Rocket Spleef HUD Teaser Image

👽 Laser Tag

Introducing an exciting new game… laser tag! This is still in the concept phase but expect laser guns, neon lights and dark rooms…

Laser Tag Pew Pew Gif

⏳ Rise

Rise is currently not present in the new update code. We have big plans to improve Rise, but we aren’t sure yet whether that will make it into this update or the next. Watch this space!

🏹 Dodgebolt (Separation from MCC)

As you are all most certainly aware, Dodgebolt is a major attraction of Brawls. This makes it a bit difficult as the game is Noxcrew property, and we operate a webstore as a source of revenue.

From the next major update, Dodgebolt will operate in its own little side pocket of Brawls. This means that it will not earn you experience, levels, or other progression-based things. You will still be able to see your statistics for the game, but they will not count towards your overall game profile.

Dodgebolt Intro Message

🏠 Hubs

We’re working on a bunch of new hubs for the next update. There’s a lot to show, but we’ll give you more teasers when they’re more ready.

Spaceship Hub Teaser

💻 GUIs

We’re Brawls-ifying the vanilla GUIs and adding our own new custom UIs! You will be able to navigate the server using inventory items alongside commands, making queuing and partying easier than ever!

Take a look at chat mode cycle within the new inventory:

New Inventory GUI (With Chat Mode hovered)

And the new hotbar!

New Hotbar

(All subject to change)

👮 Moderation & Rules

At some point before or at the next update, you will see a big clarification on the rules of MC Brawls. Multiple moderators will be deployed to enforce these guidelines, and the moderation system will be expanded to account for this.

These updates should go a long way to making Brawls a safer and kinder place to play minigames. The new ruleset will include statements against toxicity, chat spamming, hate speech and other offences.

🛠️ The Technical Stuff.

Move to Beta

The next major update of Brawls will be a move from Alpha to Beta. This is a huge step involving a lot of code changes and optimisations. Unfortunately, it is to be expected that some statistics or player data will be reset (detailed further on).

Experience Changes

We are planning on reverting experience back to the old system, where a fixed amount of experience gets you to the next level. This makes it much easier to calculate and levelling much easier to understand. We’re not fixed on what amount of experience will make up a level just yet.

Experience will be reset for the update. This was a difficult decision, but was made due to the move from Alpha to Beta and the Dodgebolt experience changes.


The next major update will be on whatever the latest Minecraft version is at the time the update comes out. At the time of writing, that will be 1.20.5, so we’re targeting that. We will update to every new release shortly after one comes out.

If we can get multi-version support to work, the minimum version will be 1.20.3. This is due to some resource pack changes which only work in that release onwards.

Resource Pack Rework

The way the server resource pack works is going to get a massive overhaul. 1.20.3 gave server developers a lot more control over how players receive resource packs. This coincided with our existing plans to allow individual games to have their own custom resources!

Starting from the next major update, existing game Dodgebolt will have its own custom resource pack to emulate the MCC feel. You’ll only see MCC assets when inside a game of Dodgebolt.

Boss Bar

The boss bar visuals will be fully reworked and optimised. These have been a source of a lot of pain and the update contains a bunch of HUD reworks to make this lag players less. The boss bar also won’t get you kicked because of packet size!

👋 The Bye Bye Stuff

Hopefully this post has given you a good idea of the near future of Brawls! You can look forward to a bunch of new features, games and fixes! As per usual, we have no timeframe on when it the next update will release (we are all quite busy over here) but it is constantly being worked on.

Happy Brawling! ⚔️

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.